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3D shooter "Idinaloq"


Screen Shot (Title) Screen Shot (Character Select) Screen Shot (3rd Stage)
(Screen shots were captured at version 1.0.1.(more screen shots))

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We've been developing brand-new Idinaloq(version 1.0.3) since December 2014 in order to run it stably on Windows7 or better.
We have resumed the development for the first time in 15 years. Development Blog is Moe Game Programming.We had opened YouTube channel.Please stay tuned.


What's Idinaloq? (update: 2012/02/02)

NOTE: Idinaloq is not compatible with Windows Vista,7,8, or later. You need Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, Xp for running it. If you're a challenger, please look at the top of FAQ.

Idinaloq is a Galaga(TM) type 3D Shooter game which is known as Shilpheed(TM). This is free completely. We designed Idinaloq as an anime-like story because this was targeting at beginner shooters.(that was true. If you are an experienced shooter, you might not fun. ;-P)

Now, you need to choose a pilot at the first. You can select a pilot from 4 or _more_ female space pilots in the beginning. They have various charactoristics and skills. You must flight with female pilots in the galaxy to defend the Earth and human being from unknown enemies. Your space fighter can shoot main weapon and common 2 sub weapons. There are differences in performance between weapons. You need to master these weapons. GRAVITY SHIELD([Z]key+[X]key, trigger1 and 2) can block a lot of enemy shots. GRAVITY SHIELD, two shields will move in a front of your fighter. At the time of blocking enemy shots by GRAVITY SHIELD, GRAVITON GAUGE will be raised up. GRAVITY LASER, that is the ultimate weapon. When GRAVITON GAUSE is blinking, you can shot GRAVITY LASER. At the end of a stage, big BOSS enemy might beat you. If you defeat a BOSS, a stage is over.

Idinaloq supports a joystick and keybords. New challenge might be waiting for you if you see a last scene.

You can feel dramatic stories by voice actors. There are different stories depends on pilots. The opening movie and ending movie have been distributed in another archive. Please download now if you prefer.

System requirements

Operating SystemWindows 95/98
DirectX 6.1 runtime or better
CPU Type & Speed233MHz MMX Pentium Class Processor or faster300MHz Celeron Class Processor or faster
Memory32MB RAM or more64MB RAM or more
Screen Size512x384 dots, High Color(16bit) needed -
Video CardDirect3D HAL Video Card (4MB or more)Fast Direct3D HAL AGP Video Card (16MB or more)
Sound Card-DirectSound Support
MIDIGM support Devicesrecommend GS support
Supported Input DevicesKeybordJoystick


Keyboardjoy stick/pad
Move10 key or cursor keyup,down,left,right
Main ARM[X]B button
Sub ARM 1[Z]A button
Sub ARM 2[C]C button
[Z]+[X]A button + B button
OK[Z] / [X] / [C]A / B / C button
Skip visual scene & movie[Z] / [X] / [C]A / B / C button


These files are large. We apologize for your inconvenience.

NOTE: If you want to install mpeg files into mov\ folder to see ending and opening, you need Windows95 or 98. if you have Windows2000/Xp/Vista, you should not install these files into a mov\ folder. We could not predict what would happen. We are very sorry for inconvenience. If you want to see opening and ending, Please use media player or something else. Unfortunately we see problems playing ending movie when we use Windows Media player 11. So, we recommend quicktime player.

Idinaloq Version 1.0.2 (wave 22kHz) (2000-01-20)

This is high quality wave version.

id102-22.lzh (20.4MB) - (HTTP) (20.5MB) - (HTTP)
Idinaloq 60fps official release version (2023-06-02)

This .exe file is checked on dgVoodoo2 envirionment. We fixed known bugs and reduced the blinking of the final boss. How to play Idinaloq on Windows10 or later (120KB) - (HTTP)
Idinaloq Opening & Ending MPEG1 movies Version 1.0 (2000-01-12)

These movie files should be installed in mov folder, but you can show these by mpeg1 playback tool like Windows media player.

idina101-mov.lzh (23.3MB) - (HTTP) (23.1MB) - (HTTP)


  • After I select a char, the game goes out.

    Voice Actors

    Ayami Kawamoto as Sayuri Isesaki
    Web Page: ayami web
    greeting (MP3 file, 172KB)
    me-ko (Umi Inaba) as Iren Tirrel and Formera Cordis
    Web Page: STRAY*SHEEP
    greeting (MP3 file, 185KB)
    Riko Kiryu as EIRIA and Tomomi Oda
    Web Page: artdigi/riko
    Web Page: Nani wo siyouto sitan dakke by Riko Kiryu
    greeting (MP3 file, 224KB)

    Cast & Staff

    Sayuri IsesakiAyami Kawamoto
    Iren Tirrel
    Formera Cordis
    me-ko(Umi Inaba)
    Tomomi Oda
    Riko Kiryu
    Opening Theme Song
    "Itsuka eien ni naru toki made"
    Music and ArrangementFerdia
    SingerSakura Mizuki
    Ending Theme Song
    "Omoide ni tsuzuku basyo"
    Music and ArrangementFerdia
    SingerSakura Mizuki

    Development Stuff
    Game Design
    Character Design
    Syuki Oda
    3D Model Design
    Sound Effects
    Special Thanks Mayumi Ueda
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